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Strider History

The Gainesville Striders Track and Field Organization is committed to promoting personal excellence by emphasizing the importance of setting personal goals and training/studying to attain those goals. Through our program, the kids will build a positive self-image as they recognize their individual achievements. We provide our athletes with the fortitude for them to be champions in their sport and in life. Through motivation, education, hard work and discipline, both on and off the track, we hope to strengthen the minds and bodies of each child we teach. Our coaches teach from a short to long approach. Leaving no kid behind.


The Gainesville Striders is the Mothership Track Club in Gainesville Florida. It was the first and continues to produce off spring clubs in the area.  This in turn have produced a very large number of kids involvement in the sport to an all time high. Track is Booming. Get Involve Now. Go to our Contact Us Page and fill out an inquiry ASAP.



"Our mission is to empower the youth to achieve personal excellence through the promotion of academic and athletic merit."

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